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My review of Hank Williams Jr.’s new CD posts to Elmore

13 Jun

Elmore Magazine | Hank Williams Jr.Hank Williams Jr.’s long overdue album, It’s About Time, feels like the long-lost friend who visits you, but after reminiscing for a while, you both quickly realize nothing remains unsaid. However, a few words seem better off left unspoken, such as when Williams spouts the NRA agenda and preaches fundamentalist dogma in the song “God and Guns.” At 66 years old, Williams released his 56th album to remind southern rock fans that one of Nashville’s old guard still remains strong, even if he admits that he does sometimes play dominoes these days.

His original title track evokes “a country state of mind” and the redneck rocker’s voice casts that familiar outlaw spell as it sets social boundaries with the lyrics: “we’ve had enough of this weird pop country sound.” Williams also revitalizes a cover of Neil Young’s “Are You Ready for the Country?” Meanwhile, his honorable band of musicians include: Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore and Brad Paisley, who last performed on Williams’ Old School Rules in 2012.

Hell-bent anthems behind him, Williams unashamedly may still bask in the light of his 15 gold and platinum albums as well as an award-winning career spanning 30 years.

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